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• How did you get this program so small?
• Who is the TinyTask programmer?
• What is the difference between the .EXE, .ZIP, and SETUP downloads?
• Does TinyTask have a virus / trojan / malware?
• Does TinyTask use or sell my information, or include spyware?
• Where is a list of all the changes to the latest version?
• What is the License Agreement (EULA) for this software?
• Can my company install TinyTask for everyone in the office?
• What OS versions are supported (WinXP, Win7, Linux, etc)?
• How do I stop playback, or use with games, or etc...?
• Will you please add [some feature]?
• Any upgrade announcements?  What's the future of TinyTask?
How did you get this program so small?
[0]  C programming  - just pure C on a command line.
[1]  Native OS API calls were used exclusively, which has the additional benefit of creating a hyper-fast program. No .NET / Java runtimes / .dll / plugins / or any other dependencies contaminate the purity that is TinyTask.
[2]  Careful choice of variable data storage size and resource (graphics) optimization for absolute minimum overhead.
[3]  Some interesting proprietary technical strategies, which are trade secrets. There's some elegantly cool stuff in it.
TL;DR   -  TinyTask was programmed with a fanatical obsession for zero code bloat.
Who is the TinyTask programmer?
I'm just some guy, you know?  Actually, more precisely, some guy who is passionate about efficiency and also happens to be a systems programmer, which resulted in creating TinyTask to do my work for me - and now your work too!  Everybody wins.  :)
So I've now become the programmer who writes your PC automation software for you. It is very gratifying to hear that my little project continues to help people.

What is the difference between the .EXE, .ZIP, and SETUP downloads?
There is a single file that is the TinyTask program ("TinyTask.exe") that is the self-contained 32-bit app. The various formats are different ways of packaging the same file.
The "TinyTask.zip" file just contains TinyTask.exe in compressed form, which can be useful for environments where downloading executable files is blocked. Windows can natively extract this file by double-clicking it.
The "TinyTaskSetup.exe" option is a standard Windows installation file. It installs TinyTask to its own Program Files folder and Start Menu app, optionally adds a desktop icon, and also has an uninstall capability. It also includes additional bonus items, such as extra toolbar graphics. This is the typical application package you would get for commercial software. The brilliant Inno Setup was used to create the install package, which TinyTask has supported with donations multiple times.
If you're not sure which one to get, then the Setup option is probably the best choice. Or alternatively the .zip if you want complete control over how the app gets copied and used.
Does TinyTask have a virus / trojan / malware?
No. This is a false positive. The recent scan of v1.75 from VirusTotal shows that nearly 70 checks say it is clean, including all the major packages.
TinyTask, or your compiled EXE recording, can sometimes look suspicious to scanners since it includes Record & Playback capabilities (obviously).
There is nothing wrong or malicious in TinyTask code, and there's nothing to fix in TinyTask. The only way to remove false positives is for virus scanners to update their bad scanning heuristics and signatures.
October 2019 update:   False positives continue to be a constant annoyance, and poorly programmed scanners are seriously jeopardizing the future of this project (by causing it to be blocked). Vendors of virus scanners have been contacted, and they either: a) refuse to remove the false positive; or b) remove it, but eventually the flag gets repeated again later. This has been massively frustrating and a waste of time, and will not be pursued further. TinyTask does NOT have a virus or malware, you can safely ignore virus scanners who flag this app.
Does TinyTask use or sell my information, or include spyware?
TinyTask respects your privacy and includes ZERO spyware or reporting methods.
Our (very brief) Privacy Policy:  Personal information is not shared with any entity for any purpose at any time, ever.
Where is a list of all the changes to the latest version?
What is the License Agreement (EULA) for this software?
The license agreement is included with the TinyTaskSetup.exe file and on the software's website. It can be downloaded here: TinyTask-License.rtf

It's a pretty standard software agreement (there might be bugs, please don't steal, businesses are required to purchase, etc). Here is the EULA text:
TinyTask Software License
Copyright © 2019

This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and the author of TinyTask for the software product identified above ("The Software"). By downloading, installing, copying, using, or taking possession of this Software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this EULA agreement.

1. The Software is provided AS IS and with all faults, without any express or implied warranty. The author makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the quality, safety or suitability of the Software, either express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. In no event will the author be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages however they may arise and even if the author has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages.

2. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software. You may not remove any proprietary notices, labels or marks on the program and accompanying documentation. This Software may not be included as part of a commercial product, resold, or leased without prior written consent.

3. All redistributions of this Software in binary form must retain all occurrences of the above copyright notice and web site addresses that are currently in place (for example, in the About boxes and TinyTask.exe file Properties).

4. The Software is subject to United States export control laws and may be subject to export or import regulations in other countries. You are responsible for strict compliance with such laws and regulations in connection with any Software that you download and for obtaining any licenses or permits required to export, re-export or import such Software.

5. Business entities with multiple users are required to purchase a Site License to install and use the Software. Details and purchase links for the license are located on the TinyTask website:  https://www.tinytask.net
Can my company install TinyTask for multiple people in the office?

A flat fee of $495 has been established for revenue-generating businesses with multiple users, which allows unlimited TinyTask installations within a company. Software updates for the current major version are included with this one-time fee. The Business License is required by the EULA.

Upon purchase, a PDF invoice will be issued for a business expense, for tax deduction purposes.
Business funding is very important for TinyTask's continued viability, and special appreciation goes to the companies that have purchased.

What OS versions are supported (WinXP, Win7, Linux, etc)?
Every new software version is tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.
TinyTask does run on Linux with Wine (below is a functional test), but compatibility is still being researched.

How do I stop playback / use with games / etc etc...?
Listed on the Support page.

Will you please add  [some feature]?
TinyTask is developed with a carefully planned feature set, and avoiding feature creep is a serious goal of this software. If you absolutely want to, you can send ideas to [email protected]. Naturally, any request that adds significant size to the program is opposite the TinyTask philosophy and will probably get vetoed.

Any upgrade announcements?  What's the future of TinyTask?
Actually, yes, many enhancements are planned (and in progress) for this software. I'm usually running a pre-release version as my daily driver. But publicly announcing a release date virtually guarantees that setbacks will happen. It's best to let TinyTask grow organically, like it was originally created.
Encouraging feedback plus contributions are very effective motivators, and help to advance this project. You can directly influence new TinyTask updates.

 TinyTask © 2019   All rights reserved.